Freelancer Contest Winner!

This is so exciting. We won our first design contest.

The contest consisted in re-configuring a master bathroom.

The project brief was the following:

1. Must fit a vanity that is 72″ (would accept 60″ if it made a major difference for the other requirements)
2. Must accommodate a shower space that is appropriate for a master bath with no tub.
3. Must fit a toilet, ideally within a separate enclosed space or knee wall.
4. Must ensure maximum closet space. The current ‘walk in’ closet is just an inefficient use of space, however, we don’t want to lose too much in the way of closet space.
5. Must preserve the window against the back of the house.
6. Must take into account locations for baseboard heating.


original floorplan
This is the original floorplan of the bathroom.
my proposal
This was our proposal

We wanted to create lots of storage space without making the space feel trapped.

We also opted to use opaque glass for the shower and enclosed WC to give it light but also privacy.

Hope you like it





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